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Package of 15 for S&H only

The Career Game is a multimedia family of products designed to work in stand-alone or mix-and-match combinations. 

There are techniques for group as well as individual situations, in person or remotely, with or without computers. The Career Game can match personality to jobs in just minutes, or can be expanded to an exciting unit that includes classroom teachers.

This package will give you enough of everything to try different techniques with a few students. The samples are free. All you pay is the $9.95 S&H cost - and we'll return all of it by deducting $10.00 from your first order.  You'll get:

3 Career Game Workbooks
3 Red Hot Jobs Workbooks
3 Explorer Workbooks
3 Student Web Tickets
3 Online Tickets
plus a
$10 Discount Coupon 

Free Samples - Item #: GBOX