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The Career Game combines your professional leadership with a choice of age appropriate media designed to adapt to any group or individual situation. Thousands of educators are using these motivating techniques to help students find the hidden career clues in their daily lives. This site offers demos of print, Internet and hybrid solutions, along with an opportunity to try samples of everything for the cost of postage only.

The short videos below describe each medium. To see all of them in one continuous five minute run, click HERE.


See the demo
See the demo
Workbook Demo
See the demo
Computer Demo

Color-Coded Workbooks

Self-Scoring for Grades 5-12

Computer & Internet

From School, Home or Both

Supporting Videos

Opportunities, Skills, etc.

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The Career Game Workbook

Interest Inventory for
Grades 8-12 & Adult Ed

The Explorer Workbook

Interest Inventory for
Grades 5-7 & Special Ed

The Career Game Online

100% Internet Based
No Workbooks Required

The Career Game Anywhere

Important fun for
Students at Home

Free Samples

Pay only S&H for
Package of 15 Samples