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Here are some terrific career counseling techniques for motivating students in elementary, middle, junior and senior high schools. The Career Game self-assessment and career guidance products are used by thousands of educators as well as in a wide variety of introductory career exploration programs outside the school environment.

Our self-scoring, color-coded interest inventory workbooks, computer options and videos quickly convert hobbies, heroes and favorites into matching job recommendations at four different educational levels.

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To introduce career investigation, present college and vocational opportunities, teach study skills, character development and more
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Is school career counseling more effective with workbooks, computers or videos?  Each has advantages, but none are perfect.  Videos are engaging, computers excel at detail, but as thousands of educators have discovered, a live session with The Career Game is the hands down winner when it comes to motivation.

Do you want your students buried in cyberspace, staring at a video, or participating in a lively group discussion? Would you prefer to monitor a silent process or lead a dynamic moment of discovery?

The Career Game combines your leadership with coordinated print, electronic and video media in a seamless technique that motivates students to uncover the hidden career clues in their everyday lives. The short demo videos above describe each medium.  You can see all of them in one continuous five-minute run by clicking  HERE.