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What is The Career Game?

The Career Game is a multimedia mix-and-match package of workbooks and web sites that help students convert their hobbies, heroes and personal favorites into a list of potential careers. Based on the Holland RIASEC Hexagon, its positive, youthful attitude and non-threatening style brings enthusiasm to the process of career investigation. After more than four decades of continuing service to the education community, the newest editions enhance our traditional six-category interest scale with more color and graphic appeal.
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What are the different options for The Career Game?

Our workbooks match interests to personality, and offer general suggestions of broad career categories. We also offer Internet options that will convert the personality type identified in The Career Game or Explorer workbook to actual jobs from the US Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook at four different educational levels: Less Than High School, High School Graduate, High School + 2 (Technical) and College (+).  

1. Workbooks + Internet (Student Web Tickets)

Advantage: Detail ... Along with the workbook, each student gets a card with a PIN to create a personal web page for career investigation. Internet printouts offer personalized matches to jobs according to educational commitment. Adding more years of schooling rewards a student with increasingly more attractive career opportunities. In a moment of quiet self-discovery, the benefits of continuing an educational program become immediately clear. The web site also links to a vast library of career information.

2.  Internet Only (The Career Game Online)

Advantage: No Workbook Required ... Students log on from anywhere, respond to an interactive questionnaire, and receive the same job matching and researching features offered with Student Web Tickets. Options for in school or remote learning available. 

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Which books are best for which ages or grade levels?

The Career Game is written at the same reading level as most daily newspapers, which is 8th grade. We recommend these editions for grades 8 -– 12 and adults.

Explorer condenses The Career Game into a single easier workbook for younger or more challenged readers. Explorer is written at the 5th grade reading level and is recommended for grades 5-7 and special education.

However, we have noticed that many repeat customers continue to order above or below their actual grade level. We have seen 8th grade level books successfully used all the way down to the 5th grade, and 5th grade level books used in high school as well as adult programs. In the final analysis, the comprehension skills of the reader should determine the workbook to be used. If you are not sure, you can order Samples on this site to receive package of three each of our products at no cost except Shipping & Handling. 
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How long does it take to finish the workbooks?

Although some educators stretch the process, the workbooks can be completed in one class period.
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Do I have to use the web site with the workbooks?

No. The workbooks are stand-alone products that do not require the use of the web site. However, many educators choose to enhance the exercise with the job matching and career scenarios available with our computerized follow-up option.
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Can I use the web site without the workbooks?

Yes. The Career Game Online offers a condensed version of our workbooks in the form of an interactive interest inventory, followed by the same job matching and research options we offer with our other products.

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What are the software compatibilities?

If you can access the Internet, you're good to go.

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How often are workbooks and software updated?

Minor updates occur with each new printing, which is yearly. Major job information updates coincide with U.S. Department of Labor’s release of new job information and growth predictions, which happen in the Spring of even numbered years (i.e 2024, 2026 etc.). Because our scoring system remains constant, all software and workbooks are compatible with each other, no matter when they were published.

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How do I order?

The Shopping Cart on this site supports direct purchases with Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

You can use the Cart to assemble the details of your order and print a page to use as a requisition for your purchasing department.

Mail, fax, phone or email your order to:

Rick Trow Productions
P.O. Box 291
New Hope, PA 18938

Tel: 800-247-9404

Fax: 800-452-3753


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What is your federal ID number?

Rick Trow Productions, Inc. is a PA corporation. EIN # is 23-1887142.

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How long does it take to get the materials?

Most orders are shipped within three days of their receipt. UPS ground delivery takes 1 to 6 working days depending upon the distance from Philadelphia, PA. Air delivery is available at extra cost.

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