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The Middle School Counselor

Review from Carol Miller*, highly rated and widely followed blogger.

*School Counselor of the Year - NY State School Counselor Association

Elementary School Counseling

Review from Marissa Rex, whose posts are followed by thousands of elementary school counselors nationwide.

Bottom line results of a survey of 10th graders in a large suburban district.

"The workbook asks questions about the things a student enjoys, what they do well, what makes them proud, favorite places and people they admire.
I definitely learned a lot about each student"
Carol Miller, School Counselor of the Year - NY State School Counselor Association

"Effective regardless of age or academic standing of the group. Students love it!"
Deb Hoover, Early College Awareness Program, Allegany College, MD

"Everyone, regardless of academic level can participate equally because it’s built on strengths rather than deficits."
Phyllis Morena, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, NY

"Your booklet helped me decide what I want to be when I get older and I would like you to know that I didn't have an idea what I wanted in life."
Elementary School Student, New Orleans. LA

"Easy to administer and interpret. A great bargain .... reasonably priced. Great for parent involvement."
Dr. Judy Jones, Dir. Guidance & Testing, Tuscaloosa County Schools, AL

"Our daughter brought home this workbook. The whole family was excited. Lots of fun!"
Parent – Flora Vista, NM

"Eye-catching ... easily infused into the curriculum."
Debra Shaub, Ph.D., Plain OH Local Schools

"An excellent counseling tool ...easy to use and very motivating."
Gerald Stone Guidance Chairperson, Commack High School, NY

After using The Career GameAgree
I see the connection between the activities I enjoy today and my future. 71%
I understand how my skills and talents can lead to job opportunities. 95%
I can identify three jobs I would like to work towards in the future. 89%