Picture of Becoming An Organized Student

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Becoming An Organized Student

Grades 5-7 / 20 Minutes / Student Handouts
Teacher's Guides / Pre & Post Tests

This “edutaining” video introduces four teens who lack organizational skills. Ethan stays up late and can’t remember his test dates; Miranda misplaces homework and has the messiest locker in school; Lori constantly loses her textbooks and Paul may get kicked off the basketball team for repeated lateness. Pressures can become daunting when homework is misplaced, previously-announced tests come as surprises, and important papers are crammed into backpacks.
This video presents strategies for putting it all together; showing students how to organize for success by using notebooks, color coding, day planners and wall calendars. Print materials reinforce the lessons, offering other valuable tips. 

 ● American Library Assn Award ● Chris Award
Becoming An Organized Student - Item # DOH 8086