Counselor Tools CD-ROM

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match workbooks to Jobs On-Site 

You can convert Career Game and Explorer workbook scores to matching occupations and print out job reports in your own facility. No Internet connection is required with this flexible CD-ROM program that can be used in any (or all) of these ways:
1. With Office Computer(s) – Students copy their scores to the tear-out coupon on the last page of their workbook. School staff enters everyone's data and batch-prints job reports for distribution.
2. With Computers in a Library - After self-scoring their workbooks, students enter their own data and print their own job search results.
3. In Classrooms and Labs – After self-scoring their workbooks, students match their personalities to careers in a lively group exercise.

Program Features

Converts workbook scores to jobs at incremental educational levels from less than high school to college plus / Supports both Explorer and The Career Game workbooks / Operates in limited student mode or password protected counselor mode / Sorts and classifies by interests, educational goal and your own custom codes / Reports can be individualized to include a general message from counselor or institution plus a personal note to each student / Main screen continuously cycles a library of famous quotes about careers and education / Building site licensed / Supports all Windows networks.

There will be no 2020-21 update. The most recent is 2018-19.
If you have 2016-17 or any earlier version,
you can update to 2018-19 HERE

Counselor Tools CD-ROM - Item #: CTJN78