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Students are given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to log on from any desktop, tablet or phone.  A rapid-fire set of questions based on the Holland RIASEC Hexagon produces a set of matching jobs at incremental educational levels. Each is first summarized in a short descriptive paragraph.  To learn more, a click on the More Information button presents the entire chapter of the Occupational Outlook Handbook for that job, including opportunities, salaries, etc.

 Seeing how opportunities and income increase along with educational commitment is both eye-opening and motivating – the best kind of counseling. 

The Interest Inventories are age-appropriate, and counselors are given their own home page to optionally monitor and advise their students There are also links to a vast collection of information that students and parents find valuable:
Hundreds of Career Videos / Fastest Growing & Best Paying Jobs
Jobs With or Without a College Degree / Info on Technical Schools
How to Get Financial Aid / 7000 Colleges Organized by
Location, Programs, Cost, Major …….and much more
The Career Game Online comes to you via UPS as a set of physical tickets to be distributed to users. We can also supply the same PINs by email in the form of an Excel file. If that electronic option would work better for you than handing out tickets, click here to order The Career Game Anywhere.
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