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Optimized for working with students at home, this is the same product as The Career Game Online, but instead of physical tickets we send you a file of PINs for each student. It’s fast, accurate and easy to implement. 
You'll also receive a code that links to your own personal web page** along with an editable WORD file to email to each student along with their log in credentials.      
Students use any Internet connected computer, tablet or phone to respond to a rapid-fire set of animated questions that match personality to occupations at four different educational levels. Age-appropriate clusters make this exercise adaptable for grades 5 through 12.  Seeing how opportunities and income increase along with educational commitment is both eye-opening and motivating – the best kind of counseling. 
Each matching job is first summarized in a short paragraph that identifies the kind of person who might do well in that occupation. A click on the More Information button presents the entire chapter of the Occupational Outlook Handbook for that job, including opportunities, salaries, etc.
There are also links to a vast collection of information that students and parents find valuable:
Hundreds of Career Videos / Fastest Growing & Best Paying Jobs
Jobs With or Without a College Degree / Info on Technical Schools
How to Get Financial Aid / 7000 Colleges Organized by
Location, Programs, Cost, Major …….and much more

**A time-stamped record of each student's visit and job recommendations will also appear on your page. See the COMPUTER DEMO for details.
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